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Premium Spirits, Exquisite Cocktails

At Pinstripe Bar, we redefine the art of cocktail-making in ways you never imagined. Our expert bartenders craft concoctions that awaken your senses and tempt your taste buds.

Wondering what sets our cocktails apart? It’s the exceptional artistry of marrying premium spirits with exotic ingredients and adding creative flair. The flavours and textures are impeccably balanced. The cocktails are a sight to behold.

Our premium spirit menu and cocktail options are galore! You can indulge in a refreshing gin fizz infused with local botanicals. Or, savour a smoky old-fashioned with a twist. Each sip takes you back to the enchantment of the Jazz Age in a retro style bar.

Feel the wonderment as you experience the artistry and innovation of exquisite cocktails at Pinstripe Bar.

Authentic Speakeasy Establishment

Pinstripe Bar offers top-notch Balinese hospitality in an elegant, speakeasy establishment

The grand colonial-style architecture is adorned with intricate Balinese wood carvings and traditional motifs. It exudes timeless charm. 

The warm glow of vintage lights, Art Deco accents and bronze embellishments add a unique touch of elegance. Plush furnishings beckon you to unwind. And, the exciting aromas of cocktails cast an unfading spell on your senses. 

Whether you choose to relax in a cosy corner or perch yourself at the mahogany bar, Pinstripe Bar acts as a time machine. It whisks you away to a world where time stands still and exhilaration fills the air. 

Historical Tribute

Pinstripe Bar not only celebrates the nostalgia of speakeasies but also reimagines this tradition with its distinctive contemporary flair.

Our ambience integrates subtle Balinese nods and Prohibition era aesthetics. The architecture seamlessly blends elements from two distinct cultures and eras to create a uniquely captivating atmosphere.

Our modern vibe stems from our approach to crafting cocktails. We take classic recipes and infuse them with modern twists to delight contemporary tastes. This fusion of timeless tradition and charming creativity is an ode to the global cocktail culture.

Raise a toast to the celebration of the past and the innovation of the present at Bali’s Pinstripe Bar.


Pleasure Your Senses at Pinstripe Bar Bali

Whether you seek a pre-dinner drink, a night of revelry with friends, or an intimate evening, Pinstripe Bar offers an unforgettable atmosphere. It’s reminiscent of a classic speakeasy. And, it’s absolutely perfect to make your evening enchanting!

Pinstripe Bar is the ultimate destination for the Bali speakeasy vibe you longed for.


Reviews On Google

Made IndiraMade Indira
07:32 29 Jun 24
I went to Pinstripe while me and some friends had a staycation in Tegalalang for the weekend. After had dinner we decided to go check the bar at Pinstripe to get maybe one or two glass of margarita. Once I saw their cocktails menu, I had difficulties to choose between their well-crafted menu. Then Panji, the head mixologist served us a welcome drinks, I never expect the taste to be sooo delicious. From there I totally forgot the margarita and just let Panji surprise me with the magical taste of the cocktails that are so delicious I cannot stop sipping them. I tried to guess the ingredients Panji use in my cocktails, which of course mostly failed. The cocktails ingredients are source locally which really interesting because many of them usually use as cooking ingredients.Definitely will come back to try all the menu.
ros Marchros March
15:32 28 Jun 24
One of the best Ubud area cocktail bar here!!!Cocktail & atmosphere & Music,I highly recommend here!!!!
Keisuke YamamotoKeisuke Yamamoto
15:28 28 Jun 24
Great ConceptGreat atmosphereGreat Cocktails
15:05 28 Jun 24
Best cocktails weve had in a while! Definitely a must go when in Ubud looking for a hip place to drink and smoke some cigar.
perdana yogaperdana yoga
14:19 15 Jun 24
The best bar in bali
louise melochelouise meloche
05:29 30 May 24
This is one of my favourite cocktail bars in Ubud! Pinstripe is a must visit bar that is great to visit solo or with a group of friends. They have a huge range of premium spirits, if you are into tequila, gin or whiskeys, this place has the biggest range in Ubud.The cocktails are really inventive and aesthetic. Personally I love the Mezcal one with the peacock feather, it is delicious and the flavours are balanced perfectly.The atmosphere is cosy yet it’s a large space with an indoor and outside terrace with jungle views. Perfect place to sit of an afternoon with cocktails or wine and then move inside for the lively atmosphere at night time.This bar is really unique and I recommend to all my friends visiting Bali to make sure they don’t miss out on visiting!
t hornt horn
15:05 27 May 24
The best and most spectacular cocktails in Bali his bar is extraordinary and elegant. Sophisticated classy and sexy. Changga is a master mixologist that makes every cocktail come exiting with the story of the name as well as detailed preparation. Must visit must indulge must experience if you are in Ubud !!! The service is impeccable, the drinks the best in Bali, the atmosphere is sexy old Hollywood with class and sophisticated touch. The BEST!! Thank you for amazing memories.
Coming here just for the vibes, not expecting the foods and sides are so delicious. Definitely worth coming back again. The Servers are very nice and very informative. Adit, one of the waiters took the time explaining everything, props to him!
Marlene KyrönenMarlene Kyrönen
03:32 17 Apr 24
Highly recommend pinstripe bar. The best cocktails on the island. My personal favorite is The artist! So delicious. We had a great time here and service is amazing. Must must visit when in Ubud. 10/10!!
Heru kecilHeru kecil
21:02 28 Feb 24
Best place that i've ever visited in Bali!Can't describe by words.The cocktails, the service, the ambience, the music, most of all the bartenders are legends.Definitely will be back.
Nana MooreNana Moore
20:48 22 Feb 24
Nice place to having a dinner and chill while enjoying Live music 🎶 it was incredible and good memories. The Bar absolutely amazing, indoor area with air conditioning, outdoor area for some people smoking. What is the most I like is the bathroom, very clean and cozy to do my make up 😂😁🤣
ChonTea idChonTea id
14:33 20 Feb 24
Panji and his team are best that’s all!!Its bar ambience will bring u to different world, a good getaway in Ubud
Ca BiCa Bi
13:23 18 Jan 24
We started our degustation at the bar with our complimentary cocktail served with 3 different amuse bouche.The atmosphere is lovely. We felt taken back to the 1930sMake sure to get early to your restaurant reservation so you can enjoy an aperitif here.
Nathan CawoodNathan Cawood
19:09 28 Oct 23
This is simply as good as a bar gets. It is somewhat hidden and more a speak easy than a bar. Staff is impeccably talented. The atmosphere is perfect right down to the smallest detail. I only wish we went here earlier. It may just be the best bar experience in Bali, and that is truly quite that statement.
Calvin VoonCalvin Voon
08:49 12 Oct 23
Exquisite drinks. Didn’t eat this time. Will be back 100%.Come here if you value:- exceptionally drinks with presentation- fluent English speaking, attentive waitstaff- a low-key vibe, fancy atmosphere, tastefully decorative and clean facilities that sets a 1950s moodWent here an hour before closing for nightcaps. And no they didn’t kick us out even after it was closed. Managed to have 4 cocktails between two people plus complimentary welcome AND send off drinks. The send off drink is that light purple potion, which I forget the name of, and it’s unforgettably delicious.Smoking allowed on the deck area. Think cigars are available for purchase.Look forward to returning for more poisons.

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