How Much Is Alcohol in Bali?

The cost of alcohol in Bali varies based on several factors — local vs. international brands, taxation, seasonal variations, location of the establishment, brand popularity, and brand exclusivity.

In this blog, we’ll break down the average costs of different types of alcohol in Bali, explain the factors behind the price differences, and guide you with other relevant aspects. 

Please note that we’ve mentioned indicative prices. They can be expected to vary.

Whether you’re a tourist visiting Bali or new to the alcohol scene on the island, this blog can help you manage your budget and make the most of your drinking experience in Bali.

How Much Is Beer in Bali?

Local beers are priced between Rp18,000 to Rp70,000 per 330 ml bottle or can (approximately $1.10 to $4.31). Imported beers are priced between Rp40,000 to Rp120,000 per bottle (approximately $2.46 to $7.38).

Sit-down restaurants, beachfront bars, beach clubs, and bars in tourist areas offer beer at higher prices than local warungs or street vendors. Depending on the venue, you pay extra for ambience, service, and convenience.

💡Pro Tips:
  1. Purchase beer from supermarkets or mini-marts. Beer prices are generally lower here. 
  2. Look for promotions, bulk discounts, or package deals to maximise savings.
  3. Visit bars and restaurants in Bali during their happy hours to drink beer at discounted prices during off-peak hours. 
  4. Purchase beer at discounted prices from duty-free stores if you’re arriving in Bali via airports or seaports.
  5. Participate in local celebrations and cultural events to sample various beers at reduced prices or as part of package deals

How Much Are Cocktails in Bali?

Cocktail prices typically range between Rp150,000-Rp200,000 (approximately $9.23- $12.31)

Premium or speciality cocktails cost more, as they’re made from imported spirits and exotic ingredients. The premium is also due to presentation and craftsmanship.

Cocktails in Bali are priced differently at bars and restaurants depending on the venue, location, and ingredients used. 

Some cocktail bars in Bali allow you to customise your drinks. Prices for such custom cocktails may vary depending on the choice of ingredients, spirits, and additional enhancements.

Plus, cocktail prices in Bali may be subject to service charges, taxes, or additional fees added to the final bill. Check the menu or inquire about additional charges before ordering to avoid surprises later.

💡Pro Tips:

  1. Visit cocktail bars and restaurants in Bali for discounted prices during their happy hours, jazz nights or ladies’ nights.
  2. Visit themed events or nightlife promotions to enjoy cocktails at lower prices.
  3. Check out warungs that offer speciality Arak cocktails or traditional Balinese concoctions at budget-friendly prices.

How Much Are Spirits in Bali?

Local spirits like Arak cost between Rp30,000-Rp50,000 (approximately $1.84-$3.08), depending on the brand, quality, and size of the bottle. 

Imported spirits like whiskey, vodka, rum, gin, and tequila are available between Rp80,000- Rp150,000 (approximately $4.92-9.24) for a standard bottle. This price range depends on brand prestige, age, and rarity.

Prices for spirits at bars and restaurants in Bali vary depending on the establishment, location, and brand selection.

💡Pro Tips:

  1. Take advantage of duty-free shops to purchase spirits at discounted prices if you’re arriving in Bali via airports or seaports.
  2. Look out for special offers, buy-one-get-one deals, bulk purchases, or discounted prices on popular spirit brands at supermarkets and mini-marts in Bali.

How Much Is Wine in Bali?

Locally produced house wines like Two Islands, Sababay, and Plaga cost Rp80,000-150,000 (approximately $4.92-9.24$) by the glass.

Imported wines are priced between Rp150,000-250,000 (approximately $9.24-$15.39) per glass.

Mid-range imported bottled wines in restaurants or bars are priced starting at Rp400,000 (approximately $24.64).

Wine prices in Bali depend on the winery, vintage, and quality. 

The island imports wines from wine-producing regions worldwide, including France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, and Argentina. 

Rare wines from prestigious vineyards or limited edition releases naturally command higher prices. 

Additionally, the prices for wine at restaurants and bars in Bali vary depending on the venue, location, and selection offered.

💡Pro Tips:

  1. Look for promotional offers, discounts, or clearance sales for affordable options.
  2. Purchase wines from supermarkets as they often offer a range of imported and local wines at competitive prices.

What Factors Affect Alcohol Prices in Bali?

  1. Local versus International

Location of Production: Local beverages are produced domestically or regionally, leading to lower production and distribution costs. Local breweries and distilleries benefit from proximity to raw materials and lower overhead expenses, resulting in competitive prices.

Comparatively, imported international brands incur additional costs via transport, import, distribution costs and taxes. Both, the importing and exporting countries impose taxes. These factors raise the retail prices of imported alcohol.

Exchange Rate Fluctuations: Alcohol import involves foreign currency transactions between two countries. Foreign currencies can fluctuate due to multiple reasons — a nation’s economic performance, inflation, differences in interest rates, and more. These variations influence the cost of imported alcohol in Bali.

In comparison, purchasing locally produced beverages in Bali does away with the need for currency exchange and additional costs. So, local alcohol is comparatively priced lower.

High Demand: Local beverages in Bali often enjoy strong demand among both domestic and international consumers. This preference encourages competition among local producers and retailers to reduce prices.

  1. Alcohol Taxes

Different Tax Rates for Different Products: The Indonesian government levies taxes on importers, distributors, and retailers of alcohol products in Bali. To cover these tax expenses and maintain profitability, businesses incorporate tax costs into the retail prices of alcoholic beverages. The amount of tax levied on alcohol products depends on alcohol content, volume, and product classification.

For example, beverages with higher alcohol content may be subject to higher excise taxes compared to lower-alcohol alternatives.

Higher Taxes on Imported Brands: Imported products incur additional import duties and taxes, including customs duties, excise taxes, and VAT. So, naturally, imported alcoholic beverages are priced higher than local brands. 

Lower Taxes on Local Brands: The government levies lower taxes on locally-produced beverages than on imported brands. This low tax burden translates to lower alcohol prices than imported brands for consumers.

  1. Seasonal Variations

Peak Tourist Seasons: There’s a surge in tourist arrivals during the peak tourist season in Bali (April to October). Goods and services become more in demand. Establishments hike prices to capitalise on the influx of visitors and maximise profits.

Off-Peak Seasons: During the off-peak season (November to March), tourist arrivals decrease. The low tourist traffic leads to a lower demand for alcohol. So, many venues offer discounts or promotional offers to attract people.

Cultural Festivals: Bali hosts numerous cultural festivals, music fests, and events throughout the year, including religious ceremonies, temple festivals, and cultural celebrations. During these events, many people frequent bars and restaurants. It’s a good time for bar owners to raise alcohol prices to meet the heightened demand.

Weather-Related Disruptions: Heavy rainfall or storms in Bali often disrupt logistics networks. These disruptions affect alcohol deliveries. Some establishments raise prices to compensate for increased transportation costs or limited availability of alcohol.

Harvest Seasons: For locally produced alcohol like Arak or Balinese wine, fluctuations in harvest yields or agricultural conditions impact production volumes and alcohol prices. This happens particularly if there are shortages or surpluses in supply.

Emerging Tourism Trends: Traveller preferences or the emergence of new tourist demographics can influence seasonal demand for alcohol in Bali. For example, the growing popularity of eco-tourism or wellness tourism may increase the demand for organic or health-conscious beverages. This trend can affect pricing dynamics in the market.

Speciality Offerings: Some establishments may introduce seasonal or speciality offerings, like festive cocktails or limited-edition beverages, to capitalise on seasonal themes or events. These speciality offerings may command higher prices due to their novelty or exclusivity. They cater to tourists seeking unique and memorable experiences during their visit to Bali.

  1. Location of the Establishment

Luxury Resorts and High-End Bars: Luxury resorts and high-end bars located in tourist hotspots like Seminyak or Nusa Dua cater to upscale clientele. They offer premium amenities and luxurious settings. So, alcohol prices at these venues are higher.

Local Pubs and Warungs: Local pubs, warungs, and street-side vendors affordable alcohol options than swanky bars. They’re popular choices for budget travellers and locals.

Beachfront vs. Inland Locations: Beach clubs or bars along the coast charge higher prices for alcohol due to the premium location and scenic views. In contrast, inland locations are situated away from tourist hotspots. So, they offer more competitive prices.

Overhead Expenses: The operating costs of a bar and restaurant vary based on its location, size and staff. 

For example, beachfront properties typically have higher rent, utilities, and maintenance expenses compared to inland locations. They justify these higher overhead costs through high alcohol prices.

Similarly, larger resorts and high-end bars employ more staff. They offer higher wages to attract skilled workers. So, their menus reflect higher alcohol prices compared to smaller, family-owned businesses with lower staffing costs.

Tourist Perception: Bars that cater primarily to tourists adjust their pricing strategies for tourists on the higher side. It’s commonly perceived that these visitors have higher spending power and are not aware of local prices. So, bars capitalise on this perception.

Specialised Markets: Some wine bars, craft breweries, or cocktail lounges in Bali cater to niche clientele. They offer unique or premium alcohol selections. The enthusiasts are willing to pay a higher price to savour exquisite spirits.

Regulatory Compliance: Often governments enforce additional permits, fees, higher licensing fees, or compliance measures from businesses that operate in tourist areas or designated entertainment districts. This compliance can impact the operating costs and alcohol pricing strategies of such places.

Local Competition: Bars in areas with high concentrations of similar venues may adjust their prices to remain competitive. This adaptability may lead to price variability across different establishments within the same area.

  1. Brand Popularity

Investment in Branding: Popular alcohol brands invest heavily in branding, marketing, and advertising to create visibility and desirability among consumers. These branding efforts add up to the higher prices in the market.

Market Dominance: Some popular alcohol brands enjoy a dominant market position. They dictate pricing strategies, reducing business competition. The strong market presence of popular brands can limit consumer choices.

Brand Loyalty and Premiumisation: Brand loyalty and the perception of premium quality associated with popular brands enable manufacturers to maintain pricing power. Consumers who value brand consistency, reliability, and prestige are typically willing to pay higher prices for popular brands, regardless of competitive alternatives.

  1. Brand Exclusivity

Production Quantities: When brands produce alcohol in limited quantities, either due to small-scale production or seasonal availability, they command higher prices. Limited availability creates scarcity. It increases the product’s perceived value.

Rare Ingredients: Some premium alcohol brands use rare or exotic ingredients in their production process. They source ingredients from unique or remote locations. This procurement becomes expensive, resulting in elevated production costs and the product’s retail prices.

Heritage and Legacy: Legacy brands enjoy an enduring following. These brands generally justify higher prices that consumers are ready to pay.

Award-Winning Quality: Consumers perceive award-winning brands as synonymous with superior quality. Such brands naturally command higher prices

Limited Edition Releases: Collectors and enthusiasts highly seek limited edition releases or special collections from popular brands. Limited edition products feature unique packaging, flavour profiles, or production techniques. These factors make the product desirable to consumers and drive up market demand and prices.

Collaborations and Partnerships: Some brands collaborate with renowned chefs, artists, or celebrities. This partnership fuelled by excellent PR creates exclusivity in the market and comes with a premium price tag.

Direct-to-Consumer Sales: Some brands may offer limited releases or exclusive products directly to consumers through their retail channels like online stores or tasting rooms. By bypassing traditional distribution channels, brands can maintain control over pricing and exclusive access, enhancing their value.

Why You Should Know Alcohol Prices When Visiting Bali?

When planning a trip to Bali, it’s a common practice for travellers to focus on budgeting for accommodation, transportation, and sightseeing activities. We recommend including the cost of alcohol too. Here’s why:

  1. Budget Planning

Alcohol expenses can quickly add up and significantly impact your travel budget. 

Imagine you’re planning a week-long vacation to Bali with your friends. As you map out your itinerary, you might jot down the places and venues you intend to visit. 

For instance, one evening you may plan to unwind at Pinstripe Bar in Ubud; another day, you may party in a nightclub; on some other day, you may check out a beach club.

Not all venues have fixed prices.

When you have a fair idea of the average price of alcohol, you can:

  • Allocate funds accordingly.
  • Categorise venues to visit as per your budget.
  • Avoid tourist traps.
  • Avoid experiencing sticker shock when presented with the bill.
  • Avoid the regret of skipping other activities due to overspending. 
  • Consider how often to indulge in drinks during your trip.
  • Opt to mix things up by trying the local beer. 
  1. Cost of Living Awareness

The average alcohol price is one of the indicators of a place’s cost of living. It helps you estimate if the goods and services there are affordable. 

For example, if you discover that alcohol prices at bars and restaurants in Bali are affordable to you, you can reasonably infer that meals at restaurants and other necessary expenses would also be relatively inexpensive. 

How Soon To Find Out Alcohol Prices in Bali Before Your Visit?

Start early. Begin researching alcohol prices in Bali as soon as you start planning your trip. This will give you sufficient time to find information, compare prices, and adjust your budget accordingly.

How To Find Out Alcohol Prices Before Visiting Bali?

Here are some practical ways to find out alcohol prices before visiting Bali:

  1. Research Online

Check out online travel forums, reviews, and social media platforms. Look for recent reviews or posts from travellers who have visited Bali and shared their experiences with alcohol pricing.

  1. Check Menus and Reviews

Browse through the online menus of bars, restaurants, and nightclubs in Bali to get an idea of the prices for different types of alcohol. 

  1. Contact Local Establishments

Reach out directly to bars, restaurants, or liquor stores in Bali via email or social media messaging to inquire about alcohol prices. Some establishments may be willing to provide price lists or general pricing information in advance.

  1. Consult Local Residents or Expats

Reach out to residents or expatriates living in Bali through online forums, social media groups, or networking platforms. They can guide you about the cost of living, including alcohol prices. They may be able to recommend venues to visit or give tips based on their experiences.

  1. Stay Updated on Events and Promotions

Find out in advance about special events, promotions, or happy hour deals offered by bars and restaurants in Bali, that you intend to visit. You can enjoy discounted prices on alcoholic beverages during your visit.


  1. Can I bargain alcohol prices at local markets or smaller establishments in Bali?

You might have some luck if you’re buying in bulk or during the non-peak season. Remember to be respectful and kind when negotiating. And, be cautious to ensure you’re not getting a deal on spurious liquor.

  1. How do alcohol prices in Bali compare to other popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia, like Thailand or Vietnam? 

In general alcohol is more expensive in Bali than in Thailand and Vietnam. In Bali, the cost of alcohol varies depending on the type of establishment, venue, location, brand popularity, and whether the alcohol is locally produced or imported. Higher prices are typically found in tourist hotspots. Plus, taxation, availability, and demand influence alcohol prices in Bali.

Thailand and Vietnam also have diverse alcohol markets. Alcohol prices there vary based on similar factors. 

However, Thailand has regulations regarding alcohol sales. The country imposes restrictions on alcohol sales during certain hours.

  1. Should tourists be aware of any local regulations or restrictions regarding the sale of alcohol in Bali?

In Indonesia and Bali, only persons upwards of 21 years are legally allowed to drink. Establishments may want to see some official identification to verify your age before serving alcohol. 

One more thing to keep in mind is that alcohol is not sold officially during certain religious or cultural holidays. 

So, check local regulations during your visit.

  1. How can I avoid overpriced alcohol scams or tourist traps in Bali?

To avoid overpriced alcohol scams or falling into tourist traps in Bali, do your research and be cautious when purchasing alcohol. We recommend you follow these tips:

  • Avoid purchasing alcohol from street vendors or unlicensed sellers. There’s a risk of purchasing adulterated alcohol, which can cause serious health issues. 
  • Stick to reputable establishments, like licensed bars, restaurants, and supermarkets. You can be sure that the alcohol is authentic and of good quality when you purchase from them. Plus, these establishments have a wider selection of alcoholic beverages.
  • Compare prices at different venues and look for promotions or happy hour deals. In this way, you get the right value for your money.
  • Don’t fall into enticing sales tactics or offers. Some sellers may use high-pressure tactics to push sales or promote products that are of questionable quality. Don’t feel cornered to buy if the product doesn’t feel right.
  1. How do I be sure that I’m getting value for my money when buying alcohol in Bali?

Follow these tips:

  • Compare alcohol prices at different bars, restaurants, supermarkets, and duty-free shops, to find the most competitive rates. Of course, you shouldn’t compare inland venues with beachfront venues, as nearly all beachfront venues of a similar standard will offer the same rates to stay competitive.
  • Take advantage of the bars and restaurants’ discounts, promotions, and happy hours.
  • If you can, purchase alcohol in bulk or opt for package deals for additional discounts.
  • Look out for additional fees or charges like service charges, taxes, or corkage fees, that may be added to your bill. You must factor them into your budget accordingly.
  • Ask locals or expats for suggestions on venues that offer affordable yet high-quality alcohol options in Bali.
  • Prioritise quality over quantity. Opt for reputable alcohol brands. Purchase from or drink at decent establishments. Safety comes first.

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